Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yup, your reading the right blog, EP Approval!!!!

On that day when I thought I could not bear the "no news" wait anymore. When I was literally outside sweeping leaves with a broom to keep myself busy (no kidding, ask my husband who was watching me like I was crazy outside our living room window), we finally get the email we've been praying so hard for....EP APPROVAL!!!

So your thinking, great, now what? Well more waiting of course! You didn't think it would be that quick did you?! Here is the breakdown of what still needs to happen:

Embassy Appearance: Where he will get his adorable visa photo done. Could happen this week, but by next week for sure.

Visa Physical: This is done at an outside hospital. They do these in batches every week. At the beginning of the year these were being done very quickly, but lately it's taken some groups a month to get an appointment. Let's pray that we get an appointment before a month! Our agency seems to think 3 weeks at the most for this. I hope she's her normal pessimestic self :-) She will let us know as soon as we get our appointment and I will pass along that good news!

Visa Interview: For the life of me I cannot imagine what kind of interview they do for a one year old. I think it's just something that needs to be done in person to make sure everything is in order. This is something they track at USCIS, so I hope they are getting ready for my weekly phone calls to see if this has happened yet :-)

Once this is all together, then we will get the all important travel call!! We will then have 10 days to book our travel and hotel and get our butts in gear to go get our son (not that I haven't been packed up since February)! Our agency is tellling us 4-5 weeks until travel call. I'm continuing to pray for travel call this month, but I am just excited that I can finally say with confidence that I will see my son next month! :-)

Also, just another reminder that I will be no longer posting to this blog after Friday. If you want to continue along our journey, please move over to:

All of our posts will be password protected, so please email me or leave a comment if you would like the password to follow along!


Rachel said...

That is wonderful, thrilling, AMAZING news!!!! So happy for you - you are SO close now! These next few weeks will probably feel like an eternity, but the end is in sight. Hang in there!!!

I would love to keep following along on your journey! My email is Thanks!

Christy said...

Hurray! I'm so excited for you!!!
Thank you for saying what I've thought for a while - what kind of interview can you do with a 1 year old?!? Not entirely sure what VI entails, but praying it's all faster than estimated timelines and within God's perfect timing!

Jenny said...

waaaaahoooooooooooooo!!! please add me to your private list...!!!

~Jessica said...

please add me to the private blog.