Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet comment from Reece a roni

So, I just had to share this.

We were coming back from dinner last night and the girls were talking away, well, mostly Reece. She has been borderline obsessed with being "old" lately, almost asking everyday "Am I old yet mommy". Not sure where all of this has come from, but I smile when I say no, she's still my baby. A little disappointed, she usually moves right along to the next subject.

I thought last night I would get a better idea of why this is so important to ask about everyday and asked her where she would go if she could go anywhere in the world when she is "old" (which by the way in Reece's mind is a teenager!).

"I would drive my Jeep (she has requested a red Jeep) and I would go to the present store and buy Kyleigh lots of Bratz dolls because I know she loves them (we don't buy them in our house because I don't like the way they look).

How sweet! If she could go anywhere and do anything in the entire world, she thought of doing something for her sister first. What a life, pure and simple thinking of others just because you love them. Now THAT brought a smile to my face!

It doesn't make them want to sign a peace treaty with each other yet, but it makes me proud how much they love each other and always think of each other....even when they are kicking and screaming over toys!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

When it seems I have it all

So I have been reading a lot of blogs and articles about the "American Dream". What does the phrase "American Dream" mean to you?

These days, people's perspectives have been changing. I think our notion of bigger is better and the constant state of dissatisfaction and wanting more have finally caught up with us. I think we have all been guilty of it. You grow up next to people that have more and you think your life might be just a little bit better if you had what they did. After all, they looked so darn happy didn't they?! You go to college and get a good job and you earn your money and feel you "deserve" a treat for all of your hard work... a big nice house, a new shiny car. You want to give your family the finer things in life, which in our society equated to material things.

I am a bit ashamed now to admit this, but Bobby and I used to sit around when we were floating checks and credit cards that were over their balance with two kids to feed and dream about that future. Where we finally would have money to spare at the end of the month and be able to take vacations with our kids and have a big house and not be crammed into 1120 sq!

Bobby and I have a love like I have never known, and know I will never again because he is my soul mate and my partner in everything. I really feel like we were truly meant for each other. So, sitting down and making plans for the future and what our idea of the "American Dream" was together was fun, but what happens when the basis of this dream is completely turned upside down?

I am no longer working for the finer things in life, not in a material notion. You know, I think we are so far blessed beyond what I ever thought we would be and our idea of our future has been nothing in comparison to it's reality. Just being able to get up in the morning and care for my healthy kids, having a job to go to, having money to buy the food we want to eat, having a car that gives me no trouble, having the love of my life to come home to and friends that I would do anything in the world for and I know they would do the same.

I realize I'm living my American Dream now.......and it has nothing to do with fancy electronics or a house so big I would never be able to keep it clean anyway.

What a feeling! My life is already filled with all of my dreams come true...

Monday, May 18, 2009

You ever been wrong about something?

Ever been completely wrong about something you felt in your heart so sure about?

I have had something weighing so heavy on my mind for the past 4 or 5 months and it seems like every week it just gets stronger and stronger. I try not to let my anxious side overtake my decision making. It turns into a mess...a long drawn out mess! I know some folks that do the "pro and con" list. Some just follow their hearts and do it. Some will let others make the decision for them. I guess I'm a little bit of all of these. I can think of many cons and huge pros. I know what my heart is telling me to do. I know what the decision would be right now if I allowed someone else to make it.

I was thinking today about how persistent my kids are. When they are sure they want something, they will fight for it. Pester, nag and come up with all of the reasons in the world they should have it. I guess I'm waiting for a sign this is something to fight for. I have come to God with an open heart and laid this at His feet. I know if it's His will, it will be. It's just so hard to know. I just want to come clean and pour it all out, but I sound so emotional when I do. I don't know how to make it come across that I don't believe and want to do this because of some emotional emptiness I feel right now. I have felt this way before I had a reason to have any emotional emptiness. I cannot put feelings into words. How can you really? It just comes out sounding like an emotion mess.

So, I am praying tonight. I am praying that if this is in His will, a barrier will open and break down for me. And I'm also praying if it is not, that I will know that in my heart and be able to move on.

I feel like I have gone through a tremendous transformation this past year, starting about this time last year. I look back at the person I was and who I am becoming now and who I want to be and I am so thankful for all of this past years events for making me a better person even though I might have been devastated at the time. My past misconceptions and all of the things I thought life was about and I thought were important have completely changed, I think for the better. My goals have completely changed. My life and world view have completely changed. I don't even recognize the person I was. I was self absorbed, immature and missing out on real life completely.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and going to the beach and enjoying the beautiful weather we had before today! Just emptying my mind tonight waiting for my hubby to get home!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It is almost....

So, there are a lot of things coming up for me, and all of us!

It is almost....Mother's Day! Here is to all of you moms, both biological and adoptive, stay at home and working outside the home, tired and exhausted who give yourselves day after day for your kids and family. Who wipe poop without so much as a hesitation, who kiss boo boos covered in neosporin, who wash unaccountable loads of laundry every week. To those moms who cook even though you really just want to sit down and have someone else serve you, who pack lunches because you want your child to have the best, who lets their kids pick out their own clothes, even though it looks like a fashion statement from the 80's! Those moms who keep their word to their kids and do whatever it takes to not let them down, who do not let a day go by without hugging and kissing them and telling them how much they love them, who read the same books over and over again even though they could recite them in their sleep.
For those moms that go to bed knowing how blessed they are to have their kids, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!

It's almost....the end of the school year. Wow this year has flown by so fast! I cannot believe Kyleigh will be in first grade next year. She has grown so much physically and mentally this past year and is turning into a quite the smart young lady. We are so proud of her!'s almost....time for the beach! The girls are so excited to get back out to the ocean. I definitely need some sun on these legs!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy Weekend

I am still winding down from the very busy weekend we just had, so I thought I would share some pictures of the girls and all of the fun we had (Bobby is left out of these because he had to work this weekend :-(
We got up early Saturday morning and were very excited to do the kid's walk for Relay for Life. I was not emotionally ready to go on Friday night for those events, but I was really looking forward to the kids walk on Saturday. We got there early and the girls played on the inflatables and then we walked a few laps around (well, Kyleigh and I did. Reece lasted one lap before I had to pick her up). We walked under the tent to get Reece's face painted, which was great timing because it started pouring down rain! Oh well, we had fun wet and all!

Posing with sis before the walk

Marching for a good cause

When we got back to the house, we watched Hotel for Dogs, which Kyleigh had been wanting to see for a very long time (a really cute movie for you dog lovers out there who haven't seen it yet). Then we decided to do some crafts. First I let the girls create their own shirts. Kyleigh was very into it and was still working long after Reece splattered her paint and moved on. Check out this concentration.....

"Angels from Heaven"

When I asked Kyleigh what her picture was she replied "An angel coming down to tell the people in the house she was proud of them for praying". Too sweet. Notice the blue sky, angel in the middle and special clouds that evidently appear on the side when angels come down :-)

Next we made our very own stepping stones. I have been trying to decide what to do with our yard. I'm not a big yard worker, but we look like every other cookie cutter house in our neighborhood, so I'm trying to get some ideas. I would love for the girls to have an area of the yard just for them with their own flowers/plants and sitting area, so I thought this was a great start and surprisingly not too messing. Check out Reece's finished work.....

Precious hand print

At this time, Kyleigh and I had some unfinished business called Thumb Wars. You know you guys remember thumb war! Anyway, Kyleigh is completely obsessed with it now. Sad how you cannot really tell the difference from my 29 year old hand and her 6 year old hand!

The saga continues....

About the time we were finishing up, I got a call from my sister in law wanting to know if we wanted to have the boys for the weekend (for those of you that don't know, we have two nephews: Bryson 7 and Bryon 4 who we lived beside in Wilmington. Sure! So around 6 our family of 2 kids turned into 4 very excited loud kids ages 3, 4, 6, & 7. Here are some pics....

Showing off my new game

Bryson is sooo funny!!!!!

After a 2 hour bedtime battle, everyone finally settled down and went to sleep. For a first sleep over, I think it went well!
Bobby had to be at work at 5am Sunday morning, so I was a single mom o' 4! We got up and got breakfast at our favorite spot, the Sunrise Pancake House. Then we went to the park and I took everyone with me to church. They all had a ball and were all fantastic for me! Topped off by a Mickey D's lunch complete with play area time and you have the perfect kid's day.
I'm still exhausted from it all, but it was a great weekend! Hope you all had a great one too!!!